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counselling client's working collaboratively using the pluralistic modality


About me: Services
counselling client's trying to reach their full potential of self-actualisation


I will work alongside you to make sense of:

  • your past and present

  • situations/experiences

  • any difficulties that are stopping you from moving forward

  • life challenges

  • what you bring to therapy

​I specialise in supporting you to become more self-aware, confident, and self-empowered so you move forward positively with your life again. This journey will help you to understand yourself, and give you control over the choices you make for ‘you’, which will increase your self-worth and trust in yourself and others.  

I aim to help you understand what has brought you to counselling.

I will help you to bring about changes, and get on the right path so that you can enjoy your life and live it the way you want to. 

I offer a private, quiet, safe space for you to work at your own pace and be able to talk openly; showing warmth, empathy, compassion, and having a sense of humour, I like to think that you will feel safe and able to be just you. You will be heard, accepted, understood, and not judged.

I am a counsellor for Survivors in Transition and Sue Lambert Trust working with people who have survived sexual, physical, emotional, mental abuse and domestic violence, and I also run a Private Practice. I’m also a Reiki Master teacher too; Reiki works well alongside counselling. If this is something that may interest, you have a look at my Reiki website.  

What inspired me to become a counsellor?

Having counselling myself for trauma, anxiety, and loss, I experienced how powerful it was and it really helped me to process what had happened and understand why I was feeling like I was. Having someone to talk to who knew nothing about me made the counselling easier to do. It helped me to move forwards with a new set of tools, positive mindset, and a better understanding of who I was; and how to cope with triggers moving forward. 

I am a qualified art teacher and have worked as a therapeutic childcare worker in a children's home. Working with children who had experienced trauma, neglect, abandonment, and attachment disorders gave me motivation to support people in a therapeutic way and complete my counselling training. 

Click on the button below for a free consultation or please get in touch with any questions.

facing stressors and obstacles which counselling can help work through


You may feel like you have no one to talk to about how you are feeling; feel ‘stuck’ and are not sure of how to resolve this on your own; feel low, anxious, stressed, unmotivated; have a lack of direction; are experiencing panic attacks; having nightmares and/or flashbacks. 

These feelings may leave you struggling with day-to-day tasks; work life balance; love; self-esteem; self-compassion; trusting others; and relationships.

Causes of these may be grief; separation; bullying; serious illness; abuse; domestic violence; neglect; abandonment; childhood trauma; PTSD or trauma; and work problems

You might like some help to work through feelings and make sense of them; understand your past experiences; change patterns of behaviours; focus on you; bring about positive changes for you

Perhaps you’d like to feel heard; safe; accepted; not judged 

counselling client's in therapy


I work creatively using various creative techniques to benefit you. The therapy will be planned around your needs and how you work best. I will bring creative techniques into sessions (this doesn’t mean you have to be creative), where they will benefit you. Using creative techniques can be really helpful when you can't find the word to express how you feel, or you may not want to talk in a session, so we can use creative work to communicate. We will discuss this way of working as move forward to ensure you are comfortable with it. If this is something that you are not keen on doing, I also work without creative techniques if this suits you better.

counsellor and the client


We will work in a safe, confidential environment where you will feel comfortable to talk.  We will work at your pace to explore and understand your feelings/anxieties until you feel ready to continue your journey on your own. 
Your therapy plan is solely yours. We will identify the main things that you are struggling with the most and work collaboratively to plan the best therapy route for you, you can choose your goals to work towards (which you may not be aware of at the beginning of counselling, we can work on this); this/these can be changed at any point. Working through your past helps you to move forward with a new understanding of why you are like you are, a new self-awareness. This doesn't mean you relive traumatic events; we will work around these. You will be able to make your own choices which will help you feel in control of you. 
We will work weekly or fortnightly; face to face, online, or walk and talk, which can be short term or long term.

Qualifications & Some CPD courses completed

Professional Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling
Certificate in Creative Integrative Supervision (trainee)
Certificate in Psychodynamic Counselling
Certificate in Counselling: Working with Children and Young People
IARRT Rewind Therapy
Facilitating Therapeutic Groups 
Trauma Informed Counselling
Bereavement Counselling
Certificate in Online & Telephone Counselling
Creative Counselling Intensive Training CPCAB endorsed
Art & Play Therapy
Various ADHD and ASD/Autism courses

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