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A short term therapy where you get closure without disclosure

Rewind Trauma Therapy: Services


Rewind Therapy for trauma memories, phobias and anxieties

This technique is highly successful in helping people process a trauma memory/memories, making them no longer being controlled by the memory.

Rewind therapy

Who would Rewind Therapy benefit?

  • The survivor

  • The onlooker – being there but not experiencing the trauma

  • The person who heard about the horrible situation, then saw it for him/herself. He/she then imagines how it happened. (1st responders – firemen, ambulance men/women, policemen/women, relatives, friends, etc.)

  • The person who only hears about the incident but not actually saw or experienced it; imagined scenes of it. 

  • The perpetrator.

Rewind Therapy is for anyone who has intrusive thoughts or memories that control them, children, young people & adults of all abilities.

Rewind therapy does not make you forget traumatic events, as no therapy does this, but it stops the intrusive thoughts and memories from controlling you and appear from nowhere. ​Can you remember your last birthday or last Christmas, a holiday or something that you really enjoyed doing? Can you remember what you did two weeks ago last Tuesday?These events shouldn’t be traumatic, they should be easy to recall and remember when asked about them. They don’t keep popping back up unless you think about them. 

When a traumatic event happens the amygdala in the brain is alarmed and a fight/flight/freeze/fawn or flop response happens. The hippocampus (long term memory) part of the brain doesn’t work well when the amygdala is alarmed. The memories come stuck in short term memory and aren't processed properly, so feel like they are happening again and again. Normally, everyday life becomes processed and stored in the hippocampus.

When a traumatic event happens, the memory can’t be controlled. The brain processes it differently. The thoughts are triggered when you least expect them and you can’t control them, leaving you to relive it all again and again. This causes flashbacks, nightmares, unwanted images, intrusive thoughts. The Rewind Therapy moves the memory into the hippocampus so that you can control it, meaning that memories/thoughts no longer control you.

​The therapy takes about 2-3 minutes in total and can be repeated in the session if needed. Two weeks later we review to see how affective it was. If necessary, we repeat the therapy and review again after a month. As time goes on you will find the unwanted images and feelings will be under your control. You don’t have to feel or see them. 

​This therapy works very well for people who don’t want to disclose their traumatic event to the counsellor and go through it all again. Whilst doing the therapy we ensure that you are detached from the events, so you don’t relive the trauma in the present. 

For more information about Rewind Trauma Therapy click on the logo, this will take you to the IARTT website.

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